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Email Marketing For Your Pet Business

As I discussed in depth at my recent Super Zoo University workshops, email marketing is alive and well!  IF, you do it right. Emailing customers and potential customers from your Outlook or via Gmail is NOT email marketing.  You’re emailing, yes, but you’re probably breaking all kinds of SPAM regulations and who knows how effective […]


Starting A Dog Training Business?

John Van Olden has been in the dog training and pet industry for 23  years.  He has owned sole-proprietorships, was the owner of the first dog  training franchise in the United States been the president of one of the largest dog training companies in the country, and has served on the Board of Directors of the International […]


Creating An Icebreaker With Your Customers

Anne Obarski of Merchandise Concepts shares a quick, easy and effective way to make your customer service contagious with an ingenious use of name tags. For more information on Merchandise Concepts CLICK HERE.


Here’s Why Gift Certificates Are Better Than Coupons

This is the first of our new on-going series of instructional and informational videos aimed at giving “petrepreneurs” a competitive advantage in growing their business. Bob Negen of WhizBangTraining offers great tips for pet retailers, or any retailers for that matter, on how to increase in-store sales with Gift Certificates rather than coupons.  Taped at […]


FREE Google Adwords Keyword Tool

Any good Search Engine Optimization (SEO) plan for your pet business must begin by doing the proper research. The main thing to consider is the supply and demand of relevant keywords that your customers and potential customers will be searching for.  What do I mean by “supply and demand?” Well, let’s say you want to […]