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Should You Sell Pet Products Online?

If you’re considering selling pet supplies online you need to consider exactly what selling online really means. Chances are, you either have an existing brick and mortar or service business or you’re considering entering the pet industry by opening up an ecommerce store. If you already have a pet business in the physical world, branching […]


Where Pet Stores Make Their Money

From the Pet Age survey that came earlier this year here are some more interesting stats below that show where the pet consumer is still spending. While dog food sales and dog supplies remained the category leader, the live animal category was up 4% with reptiles and amphibians leading the way. And while most pet […]


Bird Cage Dropshipper and More!

If you’re looking for a drop shipper that carries all shapes and sizes of bird cages you should check out A&E Cage Company based in Burlington, New Jersey. The bulk of their inventory is  bird cages but they also sell and drop ship dog carriers and small animal cages for everything from hamsters to lizards.  […]