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How to start a 6-figure pet walking-sitting business in 30 days or less

WEBINAR:  Join  John Reh, owner of on Wednesday, April 24, 2013 at 12 Noon EASTERN.   CLICK HERE FOR THE REPLAY   What you will learn by attending “How to start a 6-figure pet walking/sitting business is 30 days or less”: 1.  The number one most important thing you need to crack the 6-figure […]


Using Online Pet Business Directories

There are more online service directories than ever before for all types of businesses.  The pet business is no exception. The fees for listing your pet business within these service directories runs the gamut from free to a monthly fee to a per lead charge.  Some directories are part of a membership site so your […]


How To Tell if Your Target Market Will Support Your Pet Business?

Are you about to launch your new pet business and you’re looking for a good location? Even service businesses like dog walking or pet sitting need to spend a lot of attention to the market area of their business. Determining a profitable market area is not something just for brick and mortar retailers like pet […]


“Do I Need A License To Start My Pet Business?”

One of the questions we are most frequently asked is “Do I need a license to start my pet business?” While you may or may not require a “license” of some kind, what you will more than likely need is to register your business with either your state government or your county clerk’s office. This […]


Petrepreneur Profile

A couple of weeks ago we ran a SURVEY to get a better handle on who you, the readers, are. Out of the 14 categories, not including “other,” it seems 23% of respondents are not actually in the pet industry but are looking to be. The next highest result was 21% who categorized themselves as […]