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Wholesale Pet Supply Companies

[nonmember] This is where you’ll find pet product wholesalers and websites where you can go to buy a wide variety of wholesale pet business products to sell in your online stores, retail stores, websites or even on eBay. Some of the sites we’ll discuss require you to be a genuine retailer (you may have to […]


Drop Shipping with BCI

[nonmember] When I first started my online pet business back in the 1990’s, Bradley Caldwell was one of the only companies offering to drop ship pet supplies.[/nonmember] Fast forward 10 – 12 years and the drop ship options available in nearly any industry, not just pet supplies, is mind-numbing. Bradley Caldwell, based in Pennsylvania, offers […]


Pros and Cons of Selling Pet Food Online

When we talk about the pros and cons of selling “pet food” online we’re really talking about dog food and cat food, which together makes up the majority of “pet” food sales in this country.  This makes perfect sense considering that dogs and  cats live in 37% and 32% of American households, respectively, well ahead […]


Mirage Pet Products Drop Shipper

This Missouri-based, family-owned business specializes in mostly wearables such as collars, harnesses, dog clothing, charms, etc. While the shipping rates on drop ship orders are reasonable as outlined in their FAQ located here, the only part of the drop shipping service that raised an eyebrow was this statement about shipment delivery lead times: Orders are […]


Bird Cage Dropshipper and More!

If you’re looking for a drop shipper that carries all shapes and sizes of bird cages you should check out A&E Cage Company based in Burlington, New Jersey. The bulk of their inventory is  bird cages but they also sell and drop ship dog carriers and small animal cages for everything from hamsters to lizards.  […]