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WEBINAR: What makes a successful pet product company?

Join Wholesale Pet Founder Bo Nelson for a live webinar on Thursday April 4th, 2013 at 12 noon EASTERN time (9am PACIFIC). Bo will discuss: Taking an idea from concept to production. Determining your target market and choosing the right distributions channels. Brand positioning, marketing and advertising. Tiered pricing and channel conflicts. Servicing customers. Scalability, […]


Thinking of Becoming a Veterinarian? Beware the Debt Trap

We don’t usually write about the veterinarian profession as a pet business opportunity since there’s a huge difference between selling dog treats or dog walking services and becoming a licensed veterinarian. But we realized that some animal lovers may be considering a career in animal medicine as a way to turn their love of animals […]


Pet Ownership Declines

According to the American Veterinary Medical Association, pet ownership in the United States has declined by 2.4% since 2006. As reported in Pet Age magazine, the study went on to note that while overall pet ownership is down across the board, the total amount of vet visits and money spent on pet care has increased.  […]


Kittens, Puppies and Babies, Oh My!

How Videos Can Help Grow Your Pet Business Having recently debuted our all-new presentation,”How to Grow Your Pet Businesses with YouTube,” at Super Zoo in Las Vegas this year, one of the more exciting things we discussed was Viewbix. Viewbix is an exciting new product that allows any business owner the ability to make a […]


How To Use Pinterest to Promote Your Pet Business

I was a reluctant user of Pinterest, the social media image sharing site, but it’s starting to interest me more from a business stand-point now that I’m starting to understand a few of the finer points.  Here’s why: Pinterest is first and foremost about the visuals.  Text is an afterthought in the form of brief […]