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Thinking of Becoming a Veterinarian? Beware the Debt Trap

We don’t usually write about the veterinarian profession as a pet business opportunity since there’s a huge difference between selling dog treats or dog walking services and becoming a licensed veterinarian. But we realized that some animal lovers may be considering a career in animal medicine as a way to turn their love of animals […]


Selling to the Backyard Chicken Hobbiest

If you’re a pet retailer looking for new revenue streams you may not have to look any further than your breakfast table. We’re talking eggs!  Or chickens, actually, and in this case we know that they come first! Why?  Because backyard chicken breeders are springing up in suburbs and cities all over the US as families […]


Going to HH Backer Show?

We just filled out our application for press credentials to the 2012 HH Backer trade show today.  Are you going? The 3-day show, scheduled for April 18 -20 in Atlantic City, NJ, is something we look forward to each year, especially because we’re based in New Jersey.   So to have one of the largest and most […]


Podcast Interview – Niki Tudge of The DogSmith

Niki Tudge is the founder of The DogSmith, America’s only Force Free Dog Training and Pet Care Franchise, where she developed her proprietary methods of training dogs and their owners. As well as being incredibly effective, her techniques provide for a completely “positive” stress-free, non-threatening learning environment. Niki will discuss how she turned her love […]


BlogPaws 2011 Conference

I’m happy to say that I’ll be attending my first BlogPaws conference later this month presenting a workshop on “Email Marketing — the Original Social Media!” I’m not only looking forward to meeting my fellow pet bloggers but also looking forward to learning some new tricks from the many other experts in attendance during the […]