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Podcast Interview with Doug Poindexter of the World Pet Association

Doug Poindexter, President of the World Pet Association, started in the pet industry in 1969 working for a local independent retailer.  The small independent store grew to a four store chain located in major malls in Southern California.  Doug left to open his own store in 1980 named Doug’s Animal House which Doug sold in […]


Is Pet Marketing Dead?

For those of you who prefer to read their podcasts than to listen to them, here’s the transcript from part one of our recent interview with John Cullen of Bulldog Marketing. I especially enjoyed this interview because I really learned 4 or 5 things I didn’t know before just by talking to John during the podcast.  […]


Podcast Interview – Niki Tudge of The DogSmith

Niki Tudge is the founder of The DogSmith, America’s only Force Free Dog Training and Pet Care Franchise, where she developed her proprietary methods of training dogs and their owners. As well as being incredibly effective, her techniques provide for a completely “positive” stress-free, non-threatening learning environment. Niki will discuss how she turned her love […]


Podcast Interview – John Cullen Bulldog Marketing and Sales

Is pet marketing dead? Do pet products sell themselves?  What are the 5 tips for selling more pet products? John Cullen of Bulldog Marketing & Sales will answer these questions and more in our interactive podcast interview. Some of the things John will discuss include: • What are your top 4 tips for getting a new […]


Podcast Interview with Owner of Western Dog Grooming School

Thinking of becoming a groomer? Tera Teng heads up the Western Dog Grooming School and claims that grooming grads can often make $50,000 a year or more! Join us for this interactive podcast interview as Tera will share her knowledge and expertise that she’s gathered as founder of the Western Dog Grooming School which she […]