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Drop Shipping with BCI

[nonmember] When I first started my online pet business back in the 1990’s, Bradley Caldwell was one of the only companies offering to drop ship pet supplies.[/nonmember] Fast forward 10 – 12 years and the drop ship options available in nearly any industry, not just pet supplies, is mind-numbing. Bradley Caldwell, based in Pennsylvania, offers […]


How To Tell if Your Target Market Will Support Your Pet Business?

Are you about to launch your new pet business and you’re looking for a good location? Even service businesses like dog walking or pet sitting need to spend a lot of attention to the market area of their business. Determining a profitable market area is not something just for brick and mortar retailers like pet […]


Pet Businesses Jumping on Smart Phone Apps Bandwagon

Ready or not, smart phone apps for the likes of iPhones, Androids and Blackberries are becoming more and more popular among the pet set. According to, “more firms are turning to…apps to enhance the way customers interact with their products and services–and even boost their bottom lines.” Some of the ways businesses are using […]


An Interview with Jeff Ratner of Dave’s Soda & Pet City

Transcript An Interview with Jeff Ratner of Dave’s Soda & Pet City Conducted September 2011 Topic: Is Now a Good Time to Open a Pet Store?   Q: What are the top 3 considerations for opening a retail store?   Dave Ratner:  OK, the number one absolute thing is [with] retail business is location, location, […]


Colette Fairchild of HH Backer on Increasing In-store Sales

How An Educated Employee Can Increase Your Bottom Line