How to start a 6-figure pet walking-sitting business in 30 days or less


WEBINAR:  Join  John Reh, owner of on Wednesday, April 24, 2013 at 12 Noon EASTERN.




What you will learn by attending “How to start a 6-figure pet walking/sitting business is 30 days or less”:
1.  The number one most important thing you need to crack the 6-figure mark
2.  What types of marketing activities work best to bring in new leads
3.  The critical component to hiring the right people
4.  How to figure out how much to charge for your service(s)
5.  How to utilize your competition, not fear them
6.  What business model to use to suit your lifestyle best

Who is John Reh?

johnreh-headshotJohn Reh (president of Dogs Love Running!) John did the whole “corporate thing” for about 11 years. Most of that time was spent as a recruiter helping people find jobs in the computer industry. With an MBA from DePaul University, he had started a successful recruiting company, but it wasn’t much fun (that’s an understatement). So, he and his wife, Erica, put together an equation of what “fun” looked like and Dogs Love Running! was the result. John is now on a mission to bring “fun” to you, your pet, and anyone else that wants to be a part of this crazy little company. His favorite color is blue, favorite book is Atlas Shrugged, has done 3 marathons and 4 triathlons, plays the drums and piano, and is especially fond of pretty much any sporting dog breed, as well as Bulldogs and Sphynx cats.