Sidewalk Angels Foundation Pledges $25,000 to Animals in Need


Middletown, NY, July 18, 2016 – Pets Alive takes animal rescue seriously – and so does Sidewalk Angels Foundation, a New York-based, not-for- profit organization founded in 2003 by Grammy Award Winning Artist Rob Thomas and his wife Marisol Thomas.

The Foundation has pledged up to $25,000 to Pets Alive animal sanctuary in Middletown, NY as a matching donation in the annual Saving Pets Challenge, a fundraising campaign launched on July 5 by Michelson Found Animals for organizations focused on reducing shelter euthanasia. Animal shelters, rescue groups and spay/neuter clinics from around the country will compete for over $150,000 in grants given out by the Michelson Found Animals and other Challenge sponsors. Pets Alive has joined the Challenge which runs through Thursday, August 4, 2016. The organizations that raise the most during the Challenge wins prizes ranging from $5,000 to a $50,000.

Sidewalk Angels Foundation will match dollar for dollar up to $25,000, for every donation made online as part of the Pets Alive’s Challenge website from this point forward. Sidewalk Angels Foundation is dedicated to providing critically needed funds and support to grassroots groups across the country. It is the primary supporter and sponsor of a number of no kill animal shelters and animal rescues, reflecting the passion of its co-founders to fight for the rights and fair treatment of those with no voice. Since its inception the foundation has raised over $3 million dollars and helped many organizations in need.

“Sidewalk Angels is proud to support Pets Alive in the Saving Pets Challenge and the thousands of animals they rescue,” said Marisol Thomas. “Rob and I are honored to be involved with such a wonderful organization and to provide much needed financial support through the foundation.”
To date, about $2,300 has been raised by Pets Alive since the Challenge commenced. It is hoped that the generosity of this pledge will motivate more donations from the public to help Pets Alive reach their goal of replenishing their Medical Fund through the Challenge.

“We spent about $150,000 on medical expenses in 2015, which paid for vaccinations, spay/neuter fees, medication and life-saving surgeries or other treatments,” said Melissa Johnson, Pets Alive Board Treasurer. “All money raised in the Challenge, including the matching gift, will be used to replenish our Medical Fund – and winning one of the top prizes would have a huge impact on our ability to save even more animals in harm’s way.”

Pets Alive is a no kill animal sanctuary in Middletown, NY. In 2015, they saved 772 cats, dogs and farm animals from life-threatening circumstances, and they found forever homes for 662 companion animals. It was through private donations from generous people and organizations that they were able to achieve this accomplishment.

“We are thrilled that Sidewalk Angels is able to support Pets Alive in this manner,” said Becky Tegze, Executive Director at Pets Alive. “It is the middle of kitten season and we’ve already taken in over 100 kittens this year; all of them need medical attention from basic vaccinations to emergency treatment.” And this doesn’t include the other hundreds of adult cats, dogs, puppies, and farm animals Pets Alive currently cares for.

Anyone can make a donation or join Pets Alive’s fundraising team supporting the Challenge. All donations must be made by 1:59 p.m. ET on August 4, 2016 when the Challenge and matching gift opportunity concludes and must be made online in order to qualify for the Challenge prizes and matching gift. Visit their Challenge website at

About Pets Alive

Pets Alive is a 501(c)(3) non-profit charity operating solely on individual donations, receiving no funding from city or state. Their sanctuary is located at 363 Derby Road, Middletown, NY. For information about the Middletown sanctuary, visit and follow them on and


tarot-cards THE-ORIGINAL DOG TAROT™: DIVINE THE CANINE MIND, an entertaining, colorful tongue-in-muzzle game of fortune-telling cards and booklet written for dog lovers, is being made available directly to specialty pet retail shops for the first time thanks to special arrangements with publisher Random House/Potter Style.

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The 30 cards and accompanying booklet are a light-hearted take-off on traditional tarot but with a decidedly canine twist that includes cards such as “The Hydrant” and “The Kibble” as well as the all-knowing magician, Nostradogus. Each card offers advice for both canines and the humans in their lives.

Dog lovers don’t have to know anything about traditional tarot to enjoy the canine enlightenment they’ll get using the beautifully boxed set. It’s a simple fun way for owners and their friends to have a great time and find out what their dogs think about life – and about them!

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Expanded SEO Workshops at SuperZoo 2013

super-zoo-uIf you’re heading out to SuperZoo 2013 I hope you’ll make some time to join me for two, all-new, expanded workshops on Search Engine Optimization and how to attract more traffic and sales to to your pet business.

This year, as you probably know, SuperZoo has moved up the traditional September show to July in response to attendee feedback.  Retailers wanted more separation and time to prepare for the holiday season and the new July dates will do just that.

Also in response to attendee feedback, the SuperZoo U workshops have been doubled in length from 45 to 90 minutes each.  I was both pleasantly surprised and pleased when I first heard this because it means that the attendees value the knowledge that I and my fellow workshop presenters offer and want even more.  Going to SuperZoo U isn’t a chore for most of the attendees but an opportunity to learn more skills, tips and tactics for improving their businesses and increasing sales.


So this year, given the new expanded formats, I was able to create two SEO presentations, one aimed at beginners and one more advanced.  This will allow me to focus my SEO topics even more than usual.  If you’re planning on attending, here’s a preview of both my workshops:


  • What does SEO mean?
  • How to lay out your website
  • META tags
  • Keyword it & they will come
  • How to use Geotargeting
  • How to use Long Tail keywords
  • Piggybacking on brands
  • Black Hat vs. White Hat techniques
  • Importance of In-Bound Links
  • Impact of Social Media on SEO
  • No guarantees
  • Advanced techniques preview


  • Recap of SEO Basics
  • Using Anchor Text
  • Optimizing Ecommerce Websites
  • Importance of Inbound Links
  • Content Marketing & Social Media
  • Online Press Releases
  • How to Use Video or SEO
  • Importance of Google Plus
  • Tracking with Google Analytics
  • Beyond SEO

Please join me for one or both.  See the complete SuperZoo University schedule here.

WEBINAR REPLAY: How to Start a Six Figure Pet Sitting Business

In case you missed the live webinar with John Reh, owner of, here’s the replay:



How to start a 6-figure pet walking-sitting business in 30 days or less


WEBINAR:  Join  John Reh, owner of on Wednesday, April 24, 2013 at 12 Noon EASTERN.




What you will learn by attending “How to start a 6-figure pet walking/sitting business is 30 days or less”:
1.  The number one most important thing you need to crack the 6-figure mark
2.  What types of marketing activities work best to bring in new leads
3.  The critical component to hiring the right people
4.  How to figure out how much to charge for your service(s)
5.  How to utilize your competition, not fear them
6.  What business model to use to suit your lifestyle best

Who is John Reh?

johnreh-headshotJohn Reh (president of Dogs Love Running!) John did the whole “corporate thing” for about 11 years. Most of that time was spent as a recruiter helping people find jobs in the computer industry. With an MBA from DePaul University, he had started a successful recruiting company, but it wasn’t much fun (that’s an understatement). So, he and his wife, Erica, put together an equation of what “fun” looked like and Dogs Love Running! was the result. John is now on a mission to bring “fun” to you, your pet, and anyone else that wants to be a part of this crazy little company. His favorite color is blue, favorite book is Atlas Shrugged, has done 3 marathons and 4 triathlons, plays the drums and piano, and is especially fond of pretty much any sporting dog breed, as well as Bulldogs and Sphynx cats.