Don’t overlook Ebay as a valuable resource for marketing your products.

With over 65 million registered users, Ebay has a built in audience of what you’re looking for: buyers!

I use Ebay as a way to acquire new customers for my online pet store. I sell overstock items, product returns and other items that I get good deals on.

Once I sell them something on Ebay I try to upsell them several ways: I include an offer for another product inside their order. I also invite them to join my mailing list where I have the opportunity to sell them something else down the road.

I put almost all my items for sale at auction for 99 cents with no reserve. Yes, it’s a bit of a gamble because I run the risk of selling an item that cost me a lot more and only getting 99 cents for it.

But most items I sell are worth under $20 and the bids usually rise enough for me to make a couple of bucks or break even.

But why bother selling if you only break even? Well, my real reason is to create a happy customer. A happy PET-loving customer. Now, when I contact them about my other full-priced offerings they’re much more receptive. Esentially, I use Ebay as a lead-generator. And with a 100% satisfaction rating, that’s a lot of happy customers who are glad to hear from me and, most importantly, BUY from me down the road.

But that’s just me. There are other very profitable ways to use Ebay. Read on…


Ebay also offers a selling platform called Ebay Stores. Using a variety of easy to master tools, Ebay makes uploading your products complete with prices, photos and descriptions as easy as pie.

Ebay charges a listing fee for each item usually based on the price of the item. Less expensive items atre charged less, larger more expesive items are charged more.

As mentioned in the PayPal section, PayPal is the currency of choice on Ebay (which owns PayPal) so you’re able to accept credit cards without a merchant credit card account.

But most important, by selling on Ebay you get the clout of Ebay — 65 million registered users passing by your store everyday! What’s that worth to you?

Get more info on opening your own Ebay store here:

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