Doggie Day Care

Looking For The Right Pet Business Opportunity?

I’m a big fan of the pet day care business, also referred to as doggie day care. In fact, my very active Jack Russell Terrier attends a local doggie day care facility several times a week. Keeping her busy and happy is extremely valuable to me. Especially because I work from home and having her constantly begging to play makes it hard to get any work done, to say the least.

Actually, there was a time not too long ago when I was seriously considering starting my own pet day care business. Aside from the fact I couldn’t find an affordable or appropriate location, I quickly became aware of the HUGE investment of time, if not money.

Owning and operating a pet day care business requires LOADS of hours.

Remember, most people will be dropping off their precious pets before work and picking them up on the way home. That means you have to be there BEFORE people head off to work as well as AFTER they come home.

12 – 14 hour days are not uncommon.

If I haven’t talked you out of it yet, well, then maybe you do have the “Right Stuff.

Here’s some additional information and resources to help you decide and then open and operate your own successful pet day care business.



If you’re seriously thinking about starting your own pet day care business, commonly referred to as “Doggie Daycare”, than this informative DVD is a “must see” first stop.

This is a well-produced DVD that takes an inside look at several doggie daycare facilities that are up and running in various towns and cities around the country. Interviews with the owners and useful checklists will give you an unblemished and un-hyped view of this potentially lucrative and fast-growing business. The owners discuss their varied backgrounds before getting into doggie daycare, what attracted them to the business and some of the pitfalls they encountered along the way as well as their success stories.

PLEASE NOTE: This DVD is a great eye-opener to help you visualize yourself in this business. But it does not come with the detailed documentation and step-by-step information that you would actually need to open a pet day care business. That information would better come from more detailed books and literature. But the less-than $50 investment is totally worth it as a critical first step.

More Pet Day Care Business DVD Details Here


Barbra Waldare is the founder of California-based Doggie View Daycare. Having successfully established her own pet day care business that uses an innovative webcam approach, Barbra now offers a range of consulting services that she markets as “How-To” packages that cost anywhere from $499 for a detailed operational manual to more extensive packages that cost $5,500 and include a complete business plan and 7 days of on-site training.

Want on-site help for up to 3 weeks? Barbara offers an extensive consulting package called “Affiliate Programs” that cost $12,500 and also includes researching zoning regulations and property lease negotiations.

Barbra has amassed an impressive amount of TV and newspaper publicity surrounding her business and the links to her many successful “students” are all available as references should you want to contact them first.


Dog Day Afternoon
 is a Florida-based pet day care business owned and operated by Emily Schlansky since 1999. Granted, you’re not going to get the breath and depth of the Doggie View consulting package (above) but for $39.95, this doggie day care primer is written by a knowledgable insider who knows the ropes from the inside out. In fact, on their own website they go on to say this regarding their own consulting plan: “It is not a turn-key, franchise packet (that’s why it’s only $39.95!) but it will aid you in the development of your own successful doggie daycare enterprise.”

I would agree.



Central Bark Doggie Day Care is based in Wisconsin with six franchises there and one in Florida.

A franchise might make a lot of sense because you won’t have to reinvent the wheel. But it’s not cheap: Central Bark charges a $35,000 franchise fee just to teach you the ropes. Plan on spending an additional $90,000 to over $180,000 to get setup with ongoing royalties and advertising fees for the life of your business.