Pet Treat Biz


So you’re thinking of starting your own pet treat business, eh? Then you’ve come to the right place. But please note that I’m not here to sugar coat this decision or lead you to think that starting a pet treat business will lead you to a life of riches.

In fact, out of all the pet business opportunities discussed thoughout this site, starting a pet treat business is something that I feel is the least likely to succeed. Here’s why:

The competition is BRUTAL. There are a zillion all natural, wholesome, extra special, human grade, yummy, holistic dog treats out there.

Having said that, if you’d still like to investigate the opportunities that are out there, I’ll try and help you the best I can. You’re gonna need it.


Here are just a fraction of the thousands of home made pet treat sites that are already out there. I’m posting these just to give you an idea of some of the types of pet treat sites that exist and the range of products they sell.

et Nose Bakery

4 Paws Pet Pantry

Kookies Online

Bow Wow Bakery

Natural Dog Treats

Canine Cafe

Salty Paws Biscuits

Give Me Paw

Custom Canine Cookies

Howling Hound Bakery


Heidi’s Bakery

Chocolate Dog Works

Pampered Pet Treats

Fran’s K9 Crunchers


If you want to launch yourself into the pet treat business in a big way, you may want to consider opening or buying an existing Three Dog Bakery store.

These are not franchises, but licensing arrangements to use the Three Dog Bakery name and sell the Three Dog Bakery product line.

But please note this is not for the shoe-string budget. Estimated start-up costs are approximately $300,000 of LIQUID (non-borrowed) capital.

Three Dog Bakery Store Opportunity


Turning Your Passion for Pets into a Six-Figure Income Ebook

If you’re looking for more of a home-based pet treat business that you can ease into while keeping your operating expenses down and your overhead low, you may want to consider buying “Turning Your Passion for Pets into a Six-Figure Income”.

This is a downloadable ebook that also includes 150 pet treat recipes and a profit calculator.

Please note that the sales page is a bit hyped up. I doubt it very much if anyone will make $100,000 a year right off the bat, but the $24.95 price tag along with the 90 day money back guarantee are well worth the price as a valuable backgrounder if nothing else.

Bake A Dog A Bone Ebook

Start your own Dog Bakery Business

MyMommyBiz is a site that specializes in dispensing advice about home-based businesses aimed at mom’s.

But whether you’re a mom or a dad or anyone else looking to start a home-based pet treat business, the information found in the downloadable “Start your own Dog Bakery Business” ebook is worth a look.

For $16.99, also with a 90 day money back guarantee, how can you go wrong?

Also include 30 recipes to get you started.

My Mommy Biz Start Your Own Dog Bakery Business Ebook

Additional Resorces

Pet Treat Label Requirements

Here’s some information from the FDA about labeling requirements. Since labeling pet food and pet treats is a lot more lenient than labeling human food my main advice would be to be more concerned with product liability issues — a dog chokes to death on one of your treats. Do you have coverage? That being said, here’s a link to the FDA site:

US Food & Drug Administartion Guidelines

Here’s some other good info about various federal requirements and limitations on what information may appear on a pet food label.

PLEASE NOTE: This information is provided by the State of Michigan and may or may not apply to the other 49 states but it’s a revealing eye-opener none-the-less.

Pet Treat Label Requirements

Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO)

Each state regulates the production and marketing of packaged animal feed and treats for sale within its borders.

But not every state regulates cottage industry pet treat producers rigorously. You may or may not need to provide these guaranteed analyses on your labels. Check with your state officials.

AAFCO Labeling Requirements