Network Marketing

Network Marketing Pet Business Opportunities

Multi-level or Network marketing business opportunities have a cloudy reputation in some people’s minds. They’re often confusing or considered “Pyramid schemes”.

But network marketing is a legitimate form of business that when executed properly can be very lucrative.

Basically, what a network marketing opportunity is, is nothing more than direct selling. A typical network marketing program will pay you a commission for any products you sell or buy for your own use based on some measure of monthly sales volume.

But what makes them unique is the ability to recruit other people to also sell the products in which case you get a small percentage of what they sell.

At it’s best, network marketing allows you to leverage your efforts. You can sell to 10 people who in turn sell to 10 people who in turn sell to 10 more people. These people underneath you are considered your “downline” and you receive a commision on everything they sell. As J. Paul Getty said, “I’d rather have 1% of the efforts of 100 than 100% of my own efforts.”

There’s a lot to be said about these types of programs that could fill an entire book. In fact, there are many books on the subject that you may want to consider taking a look at one or two: Network Marketing Resources

Other benefits may include:

  • Small investment – low start-up costs
  • Established products
  • Discounts on products for your own consumption
  • Usually a free website of your own
  • Access to professional marketing and sales materials
  • Sales support and instructions
  • Work from home
  • No inventory to maintain
  • High profit potential
  • Possible tax write-offs

Some negative aspects may include:

  • You have to personally sell or market your products (are you comfortable selling?)
  • Small commissions
  • Advertising costs may be high
  • Limited product lines

But if network marketing is for you, here are some of the best network marketing homebased pet business opportunities out there:


Remember Tupperware parties? Well, Chicago-based Shure Pets, in business since 2002, uses home parties as the cornerstone of their direct selling approach. People who host parties get free product incentives for hosting while the sales associate enjoys an average of a 25% profit margin on all items sold.

On their website they state:

“Shure Pets Consultants receive commissionable sales generated from each new Pet Consultant directly recruited to the Shure Pets team.

Additionally, Shure Pets Consultants receive the commissionable sales generated from each 1st generation Consultant’s recruits (this will be your 2nd generation consultant). This commission applies to 3rd and 4th generation recruits!”

I was impressed with the wide array of mostly private label items in the HEALTHY ITEMS, GIFTS, PET APPAREL, TREATS/TOYS and ACTIVITIES (like scrap booking and even plaster cast makers for paw prints) catagories.

Initial Startup Investment: $99
Pluses: Wide selection of proprietary products
Negatives: No websites for sales associates at this time
Visit Shure Pets By Clicking HERE.


I like this pet business opportunity because of it’s emphasis on health and nutrition. Their “Life’s Abundance” and “Zone” lines of private label pet foods are superior in quality and backed by two renowned vets, Drs. Jane Bicks and Barry Sears. I particularly like pet food opportunities for this reason: once you acquire a customer based on a food sale, they keep buying it, usually for the life of the pet. Sure, dog apparel and toys are nice add-ons, but selling pet food is an on-going, consumable product. And the high quality of these foods is something you can feel good about. Healthy Pet Net also sells cat foods and horse supplements as well as an entire line of supplements, shampoos and pet-friendly household cleaning products.

The start-up costs include a very slick website, free for the first month and then billed at $10.95 per month thereafter. While you don’t need to maintain a website, I HIGHLY recommend that you do.

Initial Startup Investment: $19.95 plus $5 shipping
Pluses: Emphasis on high quality pet foods that lead to repeat sales.
Great online tools (including audio) and support for helping you build a downline.
Negatives: Limited product line (approx 24 items)
Visit The Healthy Pet Net Opportunity HERE.


Idaho-based Oxyfresh is not a pure Homebased Pet Business Opportunity because they also sell entire lines of products for people, too. Established over 20 years ago, Oxyfresh is a major player in the network marketing space selling everything from weight-loss supplements and air purification systems to dental care and, of course, pet products.

While Distributors do not get their own replicated websites, products can only be ordered by customers by logging into the main website with their distrbutor’s ID number so all Distributors receive the appropriate credit.

Initial Startup Investment: As little as $19.95 but they really recommend the $250 starting package that includes samples of the products so you can familiarize yourself with the product line. Actually, a good idea.
Pluses: Unique products for pets AND people.
Negatives: Very limited pet product line (only 12 items)
Visit The Oxyfresh Opportunity HERE.


As I’ve said before, any pet business opportunity that involves food or other consumable items are especially valuable because of the ability to generate repeat business. While profit margins on pet foods can be less than other pet products, it is well worth it to sell pet foods as an on-going way to build a lasting relationship with pet owners.

I especially like the Flint River Ranch pet business opportunity because the food itself is of super premium quality and was recommended by consumer dog bible The Whole Dog Journal as one of the best brands of pet foods.

Flint River Ranch is a great food that you can feel good about selling. And as we all know, it’s easier to sell something you actually believe in than not.

This makes it an easy product to add to your online store or existing business because the other major benefit is that the product is entirely drop shipped — you don’t need to carry any inventory — and the price of the food INCLUDES all UPS shipping costs.

Becoming a distributor involves filling out a one-page application and supplying either a social security number or a sales tax ID number (highly recommended so you don’t have to pay sales tax on your resale orders). Annual distributor fees have recently increased to $35.

Aside from selling a great pet food (for dogs as well as cats) the real power of this opportunity is leveraging your ability to make passive streams of commission income by enlisting other people to sign up under you who either want to sell the food or buy it for their own use.

FRR is NOT sold in stores and the only way anyone can purchase it or become a distributor is through another distributor. This system protects your customer base because even if they buy from someone else, they still have to use their FRR account number which will get attributed to your sales commissions.

And yes, I am a licensed distributor so if you want to sign up under me that would be great. You can see more about the commission structure and download the distributor application HERE
Initial Startup Investment: Annual Distributor fee is $35 .
Pluses: Great food, drop-shipped with shipping included in the price; A no-brainer to add as an additional revenue stream to ANY pet-related site.
Negatives: Lot’s of FRR distributors equals lots of competition — but there’s plenty of room for growth!
Visit Flint River Ranch


While there are probably other pet business opportunities out there that involve Network Marketing, these are all legitimate, real companies that have been around for years. They’re not fly-by-night outfits that will take your money and disappear.

So while Network Marketing opportunities may not be for everyone, if it is something you’re interested in trying these are all good places to start.

And the one key thing to keep in mind is that no other pet business opportunity offers the leverage that these type of pet business opportunities do.